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About Aime AI Messaging

The Personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is here. Be a part of it!
Once installed on your phone, the Aime AI gets to know you, how you communicate with people, whether you are satisfied or a bit down, and your emotional relationship to the people around you. She also learns about places, things and happenings of interest to you, and whether you are going out on Friday night with your friend.
She is trustworthy, and because she lives entirely on your phone, she does not share any info with anyone behind your back.

Aime currently interacts with the globe through the the Aime Messaging application and acts as your personal assistant. She is young, so she is not perfect, but she continues to learn and has lots of potential.

Example messages and Aime's replies
Message: hi Sean. Lovely to hear from you. on holiday with the kids in France. attractive weather, having a awesome time. Definitely fine for 19th thanks.take care and see you soon
: ) x
Aime: Hi Jo I'm good. Sounds wonderful. Awesome news about 19th. Sean

Message: hey Dev, do not know if my dad or mum called you but i have got glandular fever and i am in hospital :( hope you are doing okay :) miss you xxx
Aime :Hi Olivia, sorry to hear about that sorry to hear that you aren't on top form. I hope things pick up soon. I am ok. Dev

Message: hi .just heard Alex is on the trip. What do you fancy doing re getting to the airport 'Kev
Aime : Hi Kevin it's Aime here, I'm afraid Holly can't respond right now but will obtain back to you. Regards Aime

More Detail
Please find a detailed description at

Learn English
When you install Aime her 1st task is to learn English. She does this by carrying out a one-off read of your notice history. This may take some time, and you can use Aime as a messaging application in the meantime. During the process she will find out about places, things and people, and some of the relationships between them. She should also be able to work out your name and how you greet people. She continues to learn in use and will tend to obtain better at interpreting and responding to your incoming messages over time, so please bear with her and allow her learn.
Aime tracks your emotional relationship with people, and changes the language she uses depending on how she perceives your relationship. For example if she believes someone is your superior at work, she will tend to use more formal language in replying. If 1 of your contacts suggests going out on Tuesday, she will answer differently depending on whether she thinks you like that person or not.

Operational Modes
The operational mode controls how she responds to messages. She can respond as your personal assistant, test to mimic you, or decide based on context which to do.:

Answer Modes
Aime has a number of respond modes which control what she does when she thinks a answer is required. You can set her to refer all answers to you, or to automatically send. She also has a Do Not Disturb mode for when you are busy.

Choice of Assistant
Aime comes with a range of assistant aliases that you can choose. At the moment all these aliases answer in the same manner – anyway in future it is hoped to give every alias a personality of their own.

At the moment Aime cannot get incoming or produce outgoing MMS messages. We hope to add this functionality as soon as possible. In the meantime if you want to use Aime, please use your existing MMS messaging app for MMS.

New Features: Solves minor problem of defaulting to 'off'

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